Give-Give by Blasem Box


I was sitting in my home office trying to pack boxes when my niece looked over and said, "Cole - I don't want to sell boxes anymore. I want to give them away." To which I replied, "Well Aliyah, we have to pay for the stuff that goes in the box before we'll have enough to give them away. But one day, I want to give them away, too."

And then she, like so many cute 4 year old's tend to do, looked at me and said, "Nope. I want to give them away now. I'm starting my own business. Give Give. It means like, give give them away. Do you want to work for me?" 

I mean the kid had passion and she meant what she said. So I looked at her, not quite sure what I was getting myself into and replied, "Alright - I'll give you $500 to start your business. But if I'm going to give you money, you have to give at least half of what you make away." And thus, our first line of children's boxes was born!

She decided to get a logo - purple and square (she didn't like circles or pink, in case you were wondering). From there, we spent a couple hours looking through websites picking her first products. We talked about how we could make other children happy through her boxes. It's never really just about what's IN the box, but more so about WHY someone sends a box. 

Proceeds from Give Give boxes will go to sending children in hospitals gift boxes. I hope we can all learn to "Give Give" more like my sweet niece does. Here's to forever doing for one what we wish we could do for everyone. 


Aunt Cole & Aliyah