News: Blasem Box Featured in Tulsa People Magazine


I am a frequent flyer with Blasem Box because they do all the hard work of finding the cutest and yummiest locally-sourced items, wrapping them and sending them to my friends so it looks like I am an incredible gift giver.

Jamie Leupen, 36 Degrees North

I always have "good intentions" of sending thoughtful notes and gifts. But let's be follow through on these intentions is probably hovering around 15%. Enter Blasem- they make it so easy! The hand-written notes lend a genuinely personalized feel, and the gifts box items are exceptionally curated.

Tyler Winn, Cirrus Payroll

I needed to send a gift to someone who recently suffered the loss of a family member. Blasem created a custom box which included a hand written sympathy note. The package was beautifully curated and delivered quickly. 10/10!

Alyson Jelicich, North Carolina

Blasem is a great way to thank referral sources or encourage staff members. I worked with the owner to develop a branded box specifically for my company that I can send to new clients. We love it!

Kathleen Pence, Pence Law Firm

We ordered hundreds of boxes for a large virtual event and Blasem Box was such a pleasure to work with! The customer service we received was outstanding. The owner even took the time to hand deliver a few of our boxes that needed to go out ASAP. Each box was designed with incredible detail and quickly shipped.

Amy Keil, The Little Lighthouse

The Blasem Box team was absolutely stellar helping me craft a custom box. I came with a mix of ideas and they expertly helped me hone the box to both my taste and my budget. The boxes arrived at the perfect time and were packaged in such a lovely way!

Katharine Czinke, Illinois

I ordered the insulated Tulsa mug to send to my mom who lives far away. It arrived quickly and beyond what was expected (they threw in a handful of chocolates just because). Kristen was so kind when I had questions with ordering, and my mom was thrilled with a surprise gift.

Hannah Sherrill, Oklahoma

Blasem Box